The Central Valley Expressway Coalition is a grassroots, citizen initiative formed in 2010 to emphasize the importance of the Highway 16 Project to Idaho’s economic recovery and to show the growing support behind efforts to complete the Highway 16 Extension to I-84, including the Meridian Interchange, by coordinating with Cities, Agencies, Communities, Legislators, Landowners, and others to ensure that there is a unified voice moving forward. Additionally, the Central Valley Expressway Coalition seeks to illustrate the economic benefits of the Project while also exploring alternative means of funding.

The Central Valley Expressway Coalition is not represented by any lobbying organization.



The goals of the Central Valley Expressway Coalition are:

  • Consolidate efforts/support for the completion of the Central Valley Expressway (Highway 16) Project all the way from Emmett to I-84 and to speak with one voice
  • Illustrate the economic impact of this project to the Treasure Valley and ultimately to the entire State of Idaho
  • Explore all available options for alternative means of funding in order to see the project to completion
  • Put Idahoans back to work by providing construction jobs and commercial opportunities along the new Central Valley Expressway Corridor (I-84 to Emmett)