“I view the extension of Highway 16 critical to my “Project 60″ plan to grow Idaho’s Gross Domestic Product to $60 billion.  [It] will provide a valuable marketing tool to our Department of Commerce and will help get Idahoans back to work.” - Governor C. L. “Butch” Otter

“As an Emmett native, I’ve driven Highway 16 often and I can tell you from firsthand experience that the current road cannot meet the demands that will be placed upon it by the projected growth of the area.  It is vital we have additional north-south connectivity to I-84 and no road is as ideally suited to accomplish this as Highway 16.” -Lieutenant Governor Brad Little

“This is the project through which Idaho will achieve economic recovery and address its strategic mobilization needs.  I ask that you support this effort, as well, and join us in identifying funding mechanisms that will help us see this project to fruition.” -Senator Chuck Winder, Senate Assistant Majority Leader

“I am writing to express my support for the Central Valley Expressway Coalition and their efforts to find funding for the extension of the Highway 16 Project.  More than just another road, the potential for the fully developed project is enormous to our City and to much of Ada and Canyon Counties in terms of employment, business opportunities, connectivity and congestion alleviation.” -Mayor Jim Reynolds, City of Eagle

“We applaud the efforts of your coalition, to look for funding opportunities and partnerships with private businesses that are committed to the economic growth and long term viability of our region.” - Mayor Tammy de Weerd, Council President David Zaremba, Council Vice-President Brad Hoaglun, Councilman Charles Rountree and Councilman Keith Bird, City of Meridian

“On behalf of the College of Western Idaho (CWI), I am writing to express our support for the Central Valley Expressway Coalition’s efforts to extend Highway 16 from Emmett to I-84. … Another benefit, one that is paramount to our mission at the College of Western Idaho, is that this route would provide much easier access to those who do and want to attend CWI.” - Berton L. Glandon, President – College of Western Idaho

“I am writing on behalf of the Ada County Association of REALTORS® to support the construction of the Central Valley Expressway.  The collaborative effort between federal, state local government and the private sector represents the importance of this issue to the economic vibrancy and connectivity of the region.” - Laurie Barrera, President – Ada County Association of REALTORS® (ACAR)

“This project represents the first of its kind in Idaho, demonstrating a vision for transportation improvements that are critical to the economic vitality of the region.  This expressway will provide a critical north-south connection at the heart of the valley and should be pursued… We have not always done a good job of planning for the future so I am encouraged by the support this initiative is gathering and wish to add my endorsement and participation to the cause.” -David W. Turnbull, President – Brighton Corporation

“The Idaho Building Contractors Association is happy to report unanimous support of the Central Valley Expressway…” -Frankie D. Hickman-Rice, Executive Vice-President – Idaho Building Contractors Association

“As a lifelong Idahoan, I believe that the economic value of [the CVE] will extend far beyond the Treasure Valley and will reap benefits to the entire state of Idaho…Let’s work together to find the funds necessary to get this road built!” -Harry Bettis, Cattle Rancher

“[T]he jobs it would create would help the economic recovery of the area and upon completion it would improve the transportation routes used both by private citizens and business.  Currently, the crossings of the Boise River are inadequate for the current volume of traffic let alone future growth.  As businesses look for new locations there are many considerations and Idaho is high in many of those areas but one area we must improve is the connectivity of our road system.” - Hilario Arguinchona, Chairman – Syringa Bank

“The Gem County Chamber of Commerce is in full support of the Central Valley Expressway and the plan to further extend Hwy 16.  The Gem County Chamber’s mission has always been to encourage business opportunity and economic growth in our community.  Opening up the corridor of Hwy 16 will help make Gem County more accessible and make our community more appealing to businesses, therefore, creating more jobs.” - Dian Streeby, Executive Director – Gem County Chamber of Commerce

“The Treasure Valley needs adequate access via our roadways because they are important to the economic future.” - Ulysses Mori, President – Star Chamber of Commerce

“As you are aware, Shadow Butte Development Corporation is a non-profit that was formed to encourage development and quality job creation for Gem County.  What better way to support our mission than support your project.” - John Evans, President – Shadow Butte Development Corporation

“[A] major plus for this Expressway is that the entire length from Emmett, Idaho south to its connection with I-84 has its environmental clearance accepted, meaning it is cleared for final Design, Right of Way and finally Construction.  This project is truly a “Shovel Ready” project.” - John R. Tomkinson 

“This north-south corridor is well timed and located to connect the entire Treasure Valley to undeveloped areas of the region. At a time when our region is experiencing extreme pressures on prices for land and housing, the opportunity to acquire the necessary right-of-way for this project could not be better.” -Juanita H. Glaubitz, President – Nampa Association of REALTORS®